Meet The Spellfire Cults: Brotherhood of the Light, Worshippers, Truthseekers, Exiles

We recently introduced the first four of Spellfire’s 11 cults. Each plays an important role in Spellfire Re-Master the Magic and they are a fantastic addition to the game’s tried and tested gameplay. Today we will familiarize ourselves with another four cults and expand on their use in battle.

Each cult brings an exciting set of skills into battle and provides endless potential for thrilling encounters and unique gameplay experiences. Use them to construct elaborate strategies to out-think and dominate all who cross your path.

Brotherhood of Light

Champions from this cult require careful deck construction to make the most of the exclusive bonuses they provide. The Brotherhood of the Light realm must be in play for their skills to activate. Additionally, champions and allies with the word ‘Light’ written anywhere on the card have their power level doubled and become immune to wizard spells. The Brotherhood of Light is extremely difficult to deal with in the right hands.


If you have constructed a deck around a powerful Avatar, champions from the Worshipper cult are a must-have. With just a single Worshipper in a players pool, an Avatar can be brought into play by discarding an ally instead of a cleric. Players with 3 or more Worshippers in their pool can play an Avatar without making any discards! Avatars are a formidable sight and Worshippers make them much easier to bring into play.


Champions from the Truthseekers are a great discovery tool for players who want to know what they are up against. During phase 0, Truthseekers can select an opponent and check the cards at the top of their draw pile. The amount of cards that can be checked is equal to the number of Truthseekers in a player’s pool. Truthseekers and Liespreaders cannot use their powers in the same turn.


Spellfire’s normal world order does not apply to Exiles and they provide players with a very simple bonus. Rule and Dungeon cards that affect specific champions or players’ card pools do not apply to exiled characters.

What do you think of the bonuses that these cults provide? Which do you think could be the most powerful and which of them would you like to have champions from? Let us know by joining us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic


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