Meet The Spellfire Cults: Druids, Ninjas, Liespreaders, Samurais

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic has taken huge steps to expand on the game’s world with new champions, fresh gameplay mechanics, and deeper, richer lore. Today we’re introducing a new layer to the game’s strategy — Cults!

Cults add an extra dimension to gameplay and bring an exciting set of skills into each battle.

There are 11 cults in Spellfire’s world. Their importance lies with the fact that they offer players exclusive bonuses, each of them unique and impactful in different situations. Understanding where a specific cult’s strengths lie can be the difference between a hard-fought victory and a crushing defeat.

Today we’ll look at four of our cults so that you can understand their strengths and when you might find them useful in battle. Read on to discover more and visit the Spellfire school to meet the rest.


Druids can summon various creatures for help in Combat. In order to do this, the champion must be from the same world type as the creature. Only one creature can be summoned during each battle.


Ninjas are stealthy and always manage to stay one step ahead of their opponents. Champions from this cult can attack twice during each battle. The opponent’s initial defensive card cannot be used again to defend the second attack.


A Liespreaders ability is useful during the game’s initial phase 0. Players with a champion from the Liespreaders in their pool can draw cards at random from any opponent’s hand, placing them into Limbo. The number of cards that can be drawn by the player is equal to the number of Liespreaders in their pool. Cards return from limbo at the start of the next opponent’s turn.


Samurais are loyal to the very end. When used defensively, a champion from this cult must be defeated twice before it can be discarded. Magical items and artifacts are not discarded after the first defeat.

What do you think of this addition to Spellfire’s gameplay? Which cult’s champions would you place into your deck? Let us know by joining us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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