Key Opinion Leaders are Catching the Magic of Spellfire

The cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high and the NFT world is packed with action — everyone is excited to participate in the future of the economy!

We’re not an exception — with Spellfire NFT card sales ramping up, internet personalities and key opinion leaders are showing a lot of interest in the Play-2-Earn system Spellfire has to offer.

As with most limited edition NFTs in the crypto world, there’s a lot of demand for the early editions of Spellfire cards. We’re receiving multiple messages per day from various influencers and personalities!

For those who can benefit from the Spellfire project, we are reserving some of the NFT cards! If you have an audience and think you can help Spellfire, don’t be shy, message us!

Spellfire NFT cards offer a superb opportunity for owners to earn passive income and participate in the unique Play-2-Earn system.

The collectible card game is a wonderfully crafted magical world, intertwined with the best features technology innovations have to offer. The team has created this world to be as immersive as possible — players can see a part of themselves in the stories each card has to offer, or imagine themselves inside the mystical world by looking at the masterfully crafted artworks found on the card faces.

40 million out of the 200 million total Magic Tokens are allocated for the Play-2-Earn System, various tournaments, and competitions. Players will also have the ability to stake Magic Tokens, more information about that will be released very soon!

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Spellfire players now have a unique chance to own original Spellfire cards as NFT.

This gives exclusive ownership rights of the original Spellfire card to the card owner.
90% of All NFT Generated Profit Goes to the Card Owners.



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