What makes Spellfire champion cards so interesting?

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic has seven types of champions, each one identifiable by a unique icon in the upper left of each card.

They consist of Heroes, Wizards, Clerics, Psionicists, Regents, Thieves, and of course, Monsters.

Champion cards are some of the most important, and effective in the game. This is because they have access to spells, psionic powers, artifacts, thief skills, and more! These powers make Champions effective at attacking and defending realms, which act as strongholds for players.

The world of Spellfire has many races and you will find various champion types across them. Let’s learn a bit more about four of these races.


Humans are the most versatile and popular race in Spellfire. Humans can be any type of champion and can receive bonuses or penalties on other cards’ special powers.


The most common type of Dragon is a Monster champion. As with Humans, having a Dragon as a champion or ally will see you gain bonuses or penalties based on your allies’ special powers.


Elves can also be any type of champion, they don’t sleep and can attack and defend a player’s realm. Featured within this race are several sub-races, Drow, Half-Elves, and High-Elves. High-Elves are unique in that they have natural immunity to offensive magic items.


Golems are an artificially created race. Although they can be of any type, most are Monster Champions. You will occasionally find them as a magical item instead. A champion or ally designated as a golem can receive penalties or bonuses based on the power of other cards. Although golems can be of any type, many of them are monster champions.

Which champions are you looking forward to adding into your deck?

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