Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

What Kind of Spellfire Deck Should You Build?

Spellfire - Re-Master the Magic presents players with a vast collection of heroes, monsters, magic spells, artifacts, and realms that players can collect to form their deck.

If you’ve already bought some Original NFT Cards from our store over on Opensea, or you are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to get hold of your first sealed decks or booster packs, you’re probably already thinking about how you could put your cards to use against an opponent!

Spellfire decks can be organised in several ways. Today we’ll discuss two: World type and Champion type.

For players who choose to theme their deck around a specific world. There are six to choose from, Spellfire, Frozen Fire, Holy Deadlands, Wet Deserts, Blood Birth, and Flaming Waters. You can identify which world your card is from by finding the logo towards the bottom left of each card.

Players who theme their deck around a champion type have seven to pick from. They are Hero, Wizard, Cleric, Psionicist, Regent, Thief, and Monster. You can identify which champion type your card is by checking the symbol at the top left of each card.

When building a theme deck, it’s essential that your chosen cards interact! Consider your deck’s basic theme, and how your chosen cards contribute to it. It’s also smart to focus on your rare cards over uncommon or common ones. Rare cards have stronger powers, but beware that these cards will appear frequently in your opponent’s hand.

World theme decks are the easiest to put together. If you ensure that all the cards in your deck are from the same world, their powers will interact well. You’ll have no trouble putting an artifact into play with a champion, or attaching a holding to one of your realms.

Champion themes are more complex. A theme can be created around any champion type, and players often use a sub-theme. A strong champion theme will focus on a specific playstyle. Let’s use a Hero theme as an example:

Hero theme decks are a popular choice. This is because they are quite common cards and they also have the greatest variety of powers. It’s possible for hero cards to have the spellcasting powers of wizards and clerics in addition to using unarmed combat cards.

The focus of a hero deck is attack. Hero cards benefit from allies with high-level bonuses and magical items with strong special powers. Both will be important additions to your deck. It’s important to note that hero cards are often weak to spells, so finding one that is immune to offensive spells is particularly valuable!

Every player will be able to create their own unique strategy by picking from the hundreds of unique cards. Our artists and loremasters have ensured that each card possesses beautiful artwork and a unique story. We hope this makes building your deck more enjoyable!

You can look forward to more tips and tricks in the coming weeks!

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