The Headless Horseman — wanders in the Spellfire world

The Headless Horseman

He is everywhere, but nobody has ever seen him. Across the kingdoms, realms, and compounds, undersea forts and dark waves of an ocean, untouchable not only by fire but by ice as well, The Headless Horseman silently observes the crumbling world.

His sword struck out in deadly slash, his horse always ready to gallop straight to the center of the action. However, The Headless Horseman remains the silent watcher rather than an actor in the brutal reality of monstrous fights and warfare.

Do not be spellbound by his calm demeanor and solidity, do not be lured into the idea of false safety. The horseman will forever be a dutiful and loyal subordinate, ready to hide them if under attack for allies. For enemies… let’s say, the worst kind of power strike and explosion of weaknesses is nothing but merciful death.

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