Strategies For Realm Conquest: Flyers, Swimmers & Earthwalkers

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2 min readJul 20, 2023


In the world of Spellfire, the strategies for realm conquest revolve around three distinct themes: Flyers, Swimmers, and Earthwalkers. Each theme is defined by the unique abilities possessed by champions and allies, shaping their attacking capabilities and providing a tactical advantage on the battlefield.


Flyers, as their name suggests, have the remarkable power to attack any realm, regardless of its location. Their ability to soar over intervening realms grants them the freedom to strike at will. However, it’s important to note that flyers do not automatically grant flight abilities to their allies. To reach protected realms, allies must also possess the traits of flyers, swimmers, or earthwalkers. The combination of these powers provides a versatile and formidable force, ensuring flexibility in the conquest of realms.


Swimmers excel in realms with coastlines. They are masters of coastal conquest and can launch attacks on any realm displaying a coastline, even if it’s protected. It’s crucial to understand that rivers and ponds do not count as coastlines in this context. To fully utilize the power of swimmers, players must ensure that their allies have the means to reach the desired coastal realms. This might require careful planning and strategic deployment of resources.


The Earthwalkers possess a unique ability to infiltrate realms by traveling underground. With their capability to dig beneath the surface, earthwalkers can attack any realm without being restricted by specific movement requirements or limitations based on champion type. This extraordinary power grants them access to realms that others may find inaccessible, giving them a distinct advantage in realm conquest.

As you navigate the realms of Spellfire, it’s essential to harness the prowess of flyers, swimmers, and earthwalkers. By strategizing and combining these themes, you can pave your path to victory. However, be aware of the limitations and challenges that come with each theme. For example, decks centered around flyers and swimmers may have a higher risk of instant defeat due to specific vulnerabilities. To counter this, consider including magical items, spells, and artifacts that can provide protection and enhance your strategic approach.

Embrace the strategic depth and diversity offered by the Flyer, Swimmer, and Earthwalker themes. Unleash the power of these unique abilities and lead your champions to conquer realms, shape your destiny, and emerge victorious in the realm of Spellfire.

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