Spellfire’s Must-Have Event Cards

Realms, Holdings, Champions, and Spells make up most of your Spellfire deck. However, your deck won’t have the slightest chance of winning unless you provide support to your empire. This is where Event Cards come in.

Event Cards are truly gamechangers — they can turn the tide of the game in a split second. Most Events can be used at any time, meaning you can completely overthrow your opponents plans even if it’s not your turn.

To ensure your deck is as strong as possible, add at least a few Event Cards. A standard Spellfire deck of 55 cards can have up to 10 Event cards, so they are one of the wiser investments you can make in Spellfire.

Event cards are already available on the Spellfire Market, and they will always be necessary.

Here are three events that can turn a game on its head simply by razing or discarding your opponents’ realms! Add them to your collection by visiting the Spellfire Market.


Equalize consists of two divine forces perfectly counterbalancing each other. Just as things should be!

If you find yourself on the cusp of losing a game, play Equalize! This event razes all your opponent’s realms down to the level of the player currently in the losing position. Level the playing field and go again!


Airstrike — Created by mysterious forces, steel birds appear from nowhere and launch a devastating attack, asteroids plummet from the sky and destroy everything in their way!

Airstrike depicts the destruction of one of London’s most famous landmarks. In Spellfire this is the ideal event to play if you want to try and raze multiple realms in one go. Playing Airstrike razes all realms that contain cities!


Nobody knows how Wormholes came to exist. They could be the creation of an all-powerful wizard, or maybe they’re a sign from the Gods, punishing those who break the laws of nature. We may never know.

This event’s premise is simple. Pick an opponent’s lead realm and discard it, incredibly strong when played at the opportune moment!

There are plenty more event cards available on the Spellfire Market and new events will be released in the future. Keep an eye out for more essential additions to your collection by joining our growing Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities!

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The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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