SPELLFIRE Token— The Heart of The Unique In-Game Economy

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic
2 min readJan 12, 2022


With a rapidly approaching IGO, we are detailing the features of our utility token, $SPELLFIRE. Exciting times are ahead!

$SPELLFIRE is the digital asset at the heart of the game. It is built into the game’s core systems and has a wide range of in-game functions. Holding the token is the easiest way to utilize the game’s full experience and empower our community to collect, create, build, evolve, and earn in their own way.

Use $SPELLFIRE to upgrade non-NFT cards into revenue-generating Playing NFT cards. Evolve your deck and upgrade the power of your cards. Level up through gameplay and let $SPELLFIRE unlock your card’s true potential!

Put your $SPELLFIRE to work by staking. Rewards will be distributed to all users who qualify as being active stakers.

Participate in various types of Tournaments and Competitions. 128 Million tokens are reserved for distribution through competitive play and Play-2-Earn. Learn, climb the ranks, and master the game to earn $SPELLFIRE as a reward for your skills.

Create a unique character with their own spells, skills, and powers. Add them to your deck and fight epic battles to win more valuable $SPELLFIRE. Have you ever imagined a fantastical version of yourself within a game? This is your chance to become one!

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Spellfire — Connecting the physical, the digital and the augmented realities together. Bringing 30 years of History to the Blockchain.

Original NFT Card owners earn up to 10x Return on Investment from the sales of Playing NFT Cards.



Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

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