Spellfire Steals The CCG Crown Ahead of The Competition

Drawing on 28 years of history, Spellfire is ready to steal the crown from its closest rivals. How do we plan to do this in such a competitive landscape?

The collectible card game (CCG) market has been expanding year on year. In 2021 alone, digital CCGs generated a staggering $572 million. To capitalize on this market growth, the game has been developed specifically with the power of the blockchain, future technologies, and true digital ownership in mind, while building on its legendary foundations.

Spellfire differentiates itself from other games in some key ways:

  • NFT cards create the opportunity for collectors, CCG fans, and crypto enthusiasts to earn revenue. Each Original NFT generates passive revenue and can earn its owner up to 10x return on their investment. Card stats will be tracked so that investors know what cards are the best to invest in.
  • Spellfire’s community can create and mint their own customized NFTs. This is a truly unique way to become invested in the Spellfire world.
  • Physical cards are connected to the mobile Spellfire app by unique QR codes. Other CCGs only offer a choice of either physical, or digital cards. Spellfire cards are cross-reality and can be switched at a moment’s notice.
  • Players can enjoy Spellfire cards and gameplay in three different realities — the physical, digital, and augmented. In Augmented Reality, players will be able to cast spells with their voices and see the effects play out in front of their eyes. This connects all generations together into one ultimate CCG experience.

The CCG gene’s big players are yet to show any intention to move in our direction. This enables Spellfire to become the trailblazer the gaming industry needs. It’s an exciting time to be involved!

Make sure you stay up to date with our announcements by joining our growing Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities.

Spellfire — The Collectable Card Game of The Past, The Present and The Future. Connecting three realities together — the physical, the digital and the augmented.



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