Spellfire Staking is Going Live!

We’re delighted to announce that STAKING is now LIVE on staking.spellfire.com. Join and earn up to 75% APY!

Staking Pools:

3 Months — 15% APY

6 Months — 25% APY

12 Months — 75% APY

Up to 100,000 $SPELLFIRE ERC20 Tokens can be staked in each pool!

Remember that your tokens will be LOCKED for the duration of the whole pool. The pools are open for a limited time only!

Staking Guide

To proceed, you must have Metamask installed and $SPELLFIRE in your wallet.

Once you have $SPELLFIRE in your Metamask wallet, go to staking.spellfire.com.

Connect your wallet.

Select the pool you want to stake in.

Enter the amount of $SPELLFIRE you want to stake. (Max 100,000)

Press “Lock”. A Metamask window asking for approval will appear. Confirm it. It will take a few seconds/minutes for the approval to go through.

Once it has been processed, the “Approve” button will have changed to “Stake”. Click it.

Wait for the transaction to go through and then press SHIFT + F5 to force refresh the website. Your balance will now appear.

Congratulations, you’re now staking your $SPELLFIRE tokens!

Stay tuned by joining our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities.

Spellfire — Bringing 30 years of history to the blockchain. Connecting three realities together — the physical, the digital and the augmented.



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