Spellfire In The Real World: Oir, Altar From The Past 🧍

In the world of Spellfire, you can find many buildings and monuments which serve not only magical purposes but also as a reminder of a world that once existed 🌎

One such monument is Oir, Altar From The Past 🎴

Legend has it that the people of the old world once worshiped this statue. And the interesting thing is that the statue looks intact after all these years. Perhaps it is protected by some forces from above? 🤔

In Spellfire, this card symbolizes a holding that makes priests and clerics more powerful ⚡️

And in the real world, this majestic statue symbolizes Christ the Redeemer. It is located Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is visible very well from all parts of the city because of the tall mountain it stands on ⛰

Did you immediately guess what the real place was when you saw this card? 🤩

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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic


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