Spellfire 10 days of Growth recap — let’s see what was done

Our 10 Days of Growth sprint has reached the finish line. Every ending is a new beginning and we are happy to announce that we are just getting started!

Let’s review everything that has been announced during the past 10 days.

Day 1 — LP Farm

Our amazing 10 Days of Growth campaign started with the launch of an LP Farm that boosts the health of the $SPELLFIRE token and lets you earn some amazing rewards. The Spellfire Liquidity Pool and Farm greatly benefit the staker as the liquidity on PancakeSwap has reached record highs!

Day 2 — Exclusive celebrities NFT card series

World-renowned footballer, Ciro Immobile joined the Spellfire family as an investor and has now been immortalized into our magical world as Ciro the Knight. Exciting news for gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and fans of football around the world! Look forward to his limited-edition card, and many more, to be released in the very near future.

Day 3 — Spellfire Tech Compatibility with Ertha Metaverse

The third day was highlighted by the announcement of our first collaborative integration with Ertha. As part of this milestone, we shared a sneak-peek of a major adoption campaign that will be held with Ertha, which will generate huge interest in the Spellfire token and Ertha assets.

Day 4 — Augmented Reality on Spellfire

We shared some great news about the Augmented Reality features, coming soon to Spellfire. Our development team is fully focused on delivering a truly immersive world for our community to lose themselves in. Send out champions to distract your opponents, cast spells with your voice, and gesture to cast runes, all through your smartphone. Traditional card games won’t cut it anymore!

Day 5 — Spellfire’s Trailer Preview

The spotlight fell on Spellfire’s latest trailer. Witness the exciting developments we have been making behind the scenes and join a community of pioneers that believe in reimagining what a collectible card game can be.

Day 6 — Spellfire Hits The Media

On the 6th day, we shared a recap of Spellfire’s media appearances. We made the headlines for proposing the first-ever hand-held NFT collection that can be placed in an actual drawer and generate passive income on a P2E basis. Articles were published across the most popular crypto-media channels.

Day 7 — First leak of Spellfire’s Digital Game

We were extremely excited to share a sneak peek of what the development team has been working on behind closed doors. Take a look at the candlelit chamber where Spellfire’s battles will take place and discover our amazing Unity-powered graphics.

Day 8 — Design & Win Your Spellfire NFT Card

The 8th day was marked by the launch of a competition that involved our community in the game’s development. We invited everyone to design & win a Spellfire NFT card. The winner’s idea will be immortalized as an actual NFT card and be gifted to the creator!

Day 9 — 1,000,000 USDT Spellfire x Ertha Campaign

We delivered on the promise we made at the start of our campaign by making a huge announcement on the 9th day. We launched a 1,000,000 USDT Spellfire x Ertha Campaign! Don’t miss out on the ****first of five major collaborative events between legendary collectible card game, Spellfire, and blockchain gaming’s leading metaverse, Ertha.

Day 10 — Free NFTs for $SPELLFIRE Hodlers

Our ’10 Days of Growth” campaign was brought to a close by the first Spellfire x Ertha Campaign event. We launched a staking campaign in which $SPELLFIRE hodlers can get FREE Ertha NFTs worth $120 each!

Thank you for being with us and contributing to our growth. Starting big, going bigger. See what’s coming up next week!

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Spellfire — Bringing 30 years of history to the blockchain. Connecting three realities together — the physical, the digital and the augmented.



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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

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