Realms and Holdings — The Essential Cards of Any Spellfire Deck

In Spellfire, a series of well-played cards can turn the tide of any game. Whether you’re investing in Spellfire’s revenue generating NFTs or looking to play competitively, here are some cards and combinations that are sure to be big sellers and the foundation of any strong deck.

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Realms & Holdings

Realms and Holdings are fantastic cards for anyone to start with. After all, if you can’t build enough Realms, you have no hope of winning. Make sure you pair them with a strong Holding to buff up your defense.

A standard 55 card deck can have between 8–15 Realms and up to 6 Holdings. If you want to attach a Holding to a Realm, it must be from the same world. We’ll showcase two combinations from Spellfire’s ‘Wet Deserts’ and ‘Holy Deadlands’.

First Combination

Our first combination is from the Wet Deserts. The City of Lust is strong on it’s own, but when paired with the Ancient Magic Tower as its Holding, it becomes a fortress. Thieves and Regents become lost in the city’s lust, whilst Clerics and Wizards won’t step foot near the tower! Your opponents better hope they have some Heroes, Monsters, or Psionicists, because these are the only champions able to attack!

Second Combination

Our second combination is from the Holy Deadlands. The Islands of Druids is essential for players who have focused their deck on the Druids cult as it adds four levels to all members of this cult that are in play. The Never Collapsing Tower adds a six levels to any defending champions, so pairing them together with a defending Druid gives it an additional 10 levels, making sure your opponents think twice before deciding to attack! True to its name, even if your Realm is defeated, the Never Collapsing Tower heads right back into your hand.

Stay tuned to learn about even more powerful combinations of cards!

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The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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