Places in Spellfire — The Needle

The Needle — the straddle somewhere in between the dead and life

Dead are lost forever, they say, or death is final and irreversible. The last step to the eternal rest is nothing else than one more obstacle here, at the Holy Deadlands.

There is a fragile line between life and death here. The Needle straddles that line and allows some to come back from the dead and resurrect the ally, the friend, the loved one. This strange, frighteningly high building seems out of place, appearing out of nowhere, connecting both worlds, the living and the ones some wish to take back to life.

Around the building, you could hear whispers of those begging to be resurrected. You could also listen to screams, evil curses being muttered, the smell of dried flowers, forever associated with the mortal world that follows everyone, flowing through both worlds.

But do not be frightened: death takes, but sometimes it gives back, and that is the place to ask for such a gift.

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