The Dome — connecting the world of dead and living
The Dome — connecting the world of dead and living

Without the sun, without nature, Holy Deadlands truly is a place that resembles the end, the final moments of humanity, the death of all things good. Here, death is inevitable, a process that sooner or later will touch everyone.

But as some say, that darkness breeds chaos. The night also allows strange things to happen, something to grow, places to emerge. After a long walk across deep forests, near the cliff and Exiled city, here is the place that locals and those passing by call the Dome.

Here, surrounded by bright light and serenity, something holy and sacred is in the air. But do not be lured into fake safety and illusion. The Dome is not the place to connect with gods. It’s a portal connecting the world of dead and living.

The Dome will grant you a wish, hope, and desire that was shared by many: to bring back one ally, dear friend, and loved one back. This is a place the reunions happen, where forces are joined, where alliances are renewed, and new plans to fight and conquer are established.

Each place in Spellfire world has its own story, climate conditions, a strange elemental influence that affects citizens or realms.
Choose your place, your world, your city, and synergize with the powers of your champions. You can create your own home in Spellfire. Please send us your idea, and our designers will draw the design and
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