Places in Spellfire — Never Collapsing Tower

Never Collapsing Tower in the Holy Deadlands

Some things are meant to be temporary. Quickly emerging but disappearing rapidly with all the relics of the past. However, some things are immortal, continuing standing through centuries, through joys and pains, revolutions and utter destruction, days of celebration, and days of mourning of the nation.

Some people say that stability can’t be found within chaos. In truth, Never collapsing Tower proves those words to be just another tale. Eastern lands always were the darkest, the most brutal places, but that doesn’t mean that this brutality doesn’t have its beauty and power.

This beauty reflects in the stronghold tower that can never be discarded. It’s the place, the hidden haven that makes everyone better, stronger, more resilient.

The Never collapsing Tower will stay here after seize, after a vicious attack, or surrender. And this resistance will forever reflect the lands of the Holy Deadlands.

Each character in Spellfire has its own story, upgradeable skills, and items or realms that synergize with him.
Create your character, spell, skill with your powers. Our designers will draw the design and
add the card to the Spellfire world.



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