Meet The Spellfire Races: Undead, Creatures, Dragons, Orcs, Insects

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2 min readJan 20, 2023

In this second part of our 3-part series, we’ll examine another group of races in the Spellfire world. Some may look creepy and less than appealing, while others exude power and pack a heated punch! But all will prove useful if a sound strategy is built, so keep reading to learn more about the Undead, Creatures, Dragons, Orcs, and Insects.


The Undead are not your typical kind of champion or ally. While an NFT card may look like an undead being and have the physical features of something that rose from the afterlife, unless it says “undead” on the card, it isn’t one. These races can be any type of champion but are mainly monster champions.


What is this unique race that roams the world of Spellfire? Few know the answer to that question. Nonetheless, Creatures are found across all champion types that roam the world and can gain bonuses or penalties on other cards’ special powers.


These fire-breathing behemoths also gain bonuses or penalties based on other cards’ special powers and many, not surprisingly, are monster champions. Assumedly, one would think all Dragons are flyers, but this is not the case! Unless your NFT card has “Flyer” written on it, your dragon is a ground walker and will not take flight.


They are not the most handsome of the bunch, but what they lack in aesthetic appeal, they make up for in other key attributes. Orcs can gain bonuses or penalties based on other cards’ special powers and can be of any type of champion, but more commonly, monster champions.


These creepy crawlies might just scare opponents who have insectophobia! Like many races, multi-leg champions and allies designated as insects also gain bonuses or penalties based on other cards’ special powers. Insects can also be of any champion type.

There’s one more group of Spellfire races that we will share with you in the near time. Stay tuned to our socials to not miss out!

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