Meet The Spellfire Champions: Heroes, Wizards, Thieves

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2 min readJul 29, 2022


Champions in the world of Spellfire are the most important characters and cards in the game, aside from realms. They wield spells, possess magical items, form alliances, have mystical powers, battle heroically, and much more. In total, there are seven champion types that players can utilize when embarking on their play-to-earn adventure. Players need only to look at the upper left corner to see which kind of champion they’re holding.

Champion cards can only be utilized during phase 3 of a players’ turn or in phase 4 when they want to enter combat. Unless a card has special powers that apply to it, the champion in the pool of playing cards can have unlimited magical items attached to it, but only one artifact. Losing in battle runs the risk of your champion being sent into the endless Abyss, Limbo, or the Void. However, this does not mean you’ve lost this card forever! In some cases, certain powers will allow it to be retrieved and playable again.

Meet the Spellfire Champions!

In this first of a 2-part series, we’ll be introducing you to three very special champions which are: brave Heroes, magical Wizards, and treacherous Thieves.

Heroes 🦸

Heroes are versatile champions in that they can be of any race, and whose icon allows them to use unarmed combat cards. Heroes can also use magical items and artifacts when facing off against opponents. Players are encouraged to check the description of their Hero champion to see if they have any additional powers. This can include psionic powers, blood abilities, thief skills and also allow them to get help from Allies in battle.

Wizards 🧙

Like Heroes, Wizard champions can also be any kind of race. These sorcerers cast spells on their opponents, use magical items, and artifacts as part of their abilities. Additionally, some Wizards have additional powers that can be seen on the description of the card and may use psionic powers, blood abilities, thief skills and get help from Allies when battling opponents.

Thieves 👤💰

Thieves rely heavily on their swindling skills and training as their iconic champion ability. This is similar to the way Clerics cast spells (which will be covered in the next article). Thieves are also versatile champions in that they can be of any race, use magical items, and receive help from allies. However, they can only use artifacts of the same world and other cards that their special powers allow.

What do you think of the bonuses that these champions provide? Which champion would you like to have on your side in combat? Let us know by joining our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities.



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