Magnetic Dwarf

Magnetic Dwarf is equipped with a magnetic disruptor, which negates all interactive cards. As long as a dwarf is in play, no interactive cards will work.

A dwarf, while short in its height compared to other races, is somebody not to be trifled with. Primarily found in the mountains, his talents don’t end with mining or beer drinking. Magnetic Dwarf has abilities many could only dream of.

Magnetic Dwarf dropped his mining pick for a powerful staff, called magnetic disruptor. The staff is enhanced by lightning which holds the immense power of nature within.

Magnetic Dwarf doesn’t need his trained muscles to deliver devastating attacks, his magical weapon will destroy and negate the powers of other creatures on the battlefield. Be careful when dealing with him, as you might end up being his next victim.

The Magnetic Dwarf Original NFT Card is available for purchase on OpenSea.

Spellfire players now have a unique chance to own original Spellfire cards as NFT. This gives exclusive ownership rights of the original Spellfire card to the card owner.
90% of All NFT Generated Profit Goes to the Card Owners.

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