Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Five Tips to Dominate Your Opponents in Spellfire

Spellfire is amazing fun, regardless of whether you’re playing online or at a table with a group of friends. There is also a lot to remember, with lots of different champions, realms, and artifacts to play with.

Today we bring you five suggestions that will help you to acclimatize to the magical world of Spellfire.

  1. Before you play a card, closely examine your hand. What will happen if you play this card? Could your opponent easily counter it? Read each card thoroughly, and ask yourself these questions before playing them.

While there is still plenty for you to learn, these tips should be more than enough to get you started with Spellfire.

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The magical world of Spellfire is ready to welcome you!

The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.