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2 min readJul 3, 2023


In the immersive world of Spellfire, players have the opportunity to not only battle strategically but also participate in Play-to-Earn features. These features offer three distinct ways for players to engage and benefit from their gameplay experience. Let’s explore them.

Purchase Original NFT Cards

Acquiring Original NFT cards allows players to own unique and rare assets. These cards are numbered and sorted by rarity, with some of the cards having only one copy and owner. When someone purchases a copy of an Original NFT card, the owner of the card receives 90% of the profit from the sale. It’s a chance to both enjoy the game and potentially earn from card sales.

Earn $SPELLFIRE Tokens

While most players will possess Playing Cards, these cards don’t provide profit shares. However, they do offer an opportunity to earn $SPELLFIRE tokens, the in-game utility token. During battles, all cards in play gain experience and accumulate tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade cards, increasing their power level and value.

Players earn tokens through starting, completing, and winning battles, with additional tokens for achievements such as instant kills or surviving discards.

Trading Cards and Tokens

One of the exciting aspects of Spellfire is the ability to trade cards and tokens with other players. Cards that have been upgraded using $SPELLFIRE tokens hold value and can be exchanged. Players can use their earnings to expand their collection, acquire new cards, or explore the potential for profitable trades on digital-asset marketplaces. This trading ecosystem adds an economic dimension to the game, fostering interaction and opportunities for growth.

Spellfire’s Play-to-Earn features provide an immersive gaming experience where players can truly reap the rewards of their efforts. By purchasing Original NFT cards, earning $SPELLFIRE Tokens through gameplay, and participating in card and token trading, players have the opportunity to not only enjoy the strategic battles but also engage in a vibrant economic ecosystem. Whether it’s the thrill of owning rare assets, the satisfaction of earning tokens through skillful gameplay, or the excitement of trading and discovering new opportunities, Spellfire offers a dynamic and rewarding gaming journey.

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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

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