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Cards of Spellfire — Skeleton Archer

Behind my back, I hide the power of the largest of the three dungeons, where the end is not visible: the hatred mixed with the earth is applied so precisely that the enemy’s head can suddenly no longer be seen.

The strings, the bow, and the pointed jaws amaze almost everyone, but I can’t hide the enormous power anymore — I stand tense, I stand proudly enlightened by the lights of magic you would not see before.

My dreams are cultural I don’t seem to have any competitors around me. Only the fog here covered my sins; I sacredly believe in that, even though I have strange qualities.

My chic look is almost like a steel horse harnessed to perfection. When you are overwhelmed by the spirits of dawn, anger, or goodness, you call for help — you will say the name Skeleton Archer aloud.

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