Cards of Spellfire — Mother Nature

I am the purest and most gifted being. I am the one who tries to preserve, even with spells, and I am trusted and turned by those who have already fallen.

I am Mother Nature — what you breathe, what you eat, and what you live. If I disappear, so will you. I have one quality — wherever I go, plants, trees, bushes start to bloom. I can also reincarnate into any monster.

But I wouldn’t say I like to fight for existence unless somebody encroaches on the good I have created. I see my existence as creating an oasis of goodness, harmony, and peace, and I am determined to help those who want this help and have decided to give up selfish motives.

However sensitive I may be, I am resistant to other creatures. After all, I have just said that those who want to live a long life have to live for more than themselves. Trees, bushes, flowers, plants, and animals protect me because I live for them.

The Mother Nature Original NFT Card is available on OpenSea.

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