Cards of Spellfire — Fire Wyvern

The Fire Wyvern is a Monster card, which due to its properties is very effective against an opponent who has plenty of both — Flyer and Fire cards in his deck.

This dragon is feared by many, but amongst those who fear it the most are other flying creatures. And there’s a good reason for that — when fighting other flyers this fiery horror gains an additional five levels!

Use the Fire Wyvern to negate Fire Powers — a great strategy if your opponent has a deck with a heavy focus on Fire cards.

The Fire Wyvern is available for a limited time on the Spellfire Market. The card earns up to 10x Return on Investment in passive income, while also growing in value as one of the first Original NFT Cards.

Each Spellfire Card has been beautifully illustrated by our artists and balanced by the Spellfire game masters.

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Spellfire — Bringing 30 years of history to the blockchain. Connecting three realities together — the physical, the digital and the augmented.



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