Cards of Spellfire — Fire Bolt☄️

The Fire Bolt is a powerful offensive spell that will take any wizard’s power to new heights.

Cards of Spellfire — Fire Bolt

Available for a limited time from the Spellfire marketplace, this common spell can be applied to a wizard in battle to provide them a +4 power level boost.

Fire Bolt also has the secondary benefit of instantly destroying one magical item that is attached to another champion, anywhere in play. Cast it to weaken enemy champions and give yourself the upper hand in battle.

In Spellfire, the element of fire represents light, heat, energy, and the power of transformation. It is one of the few elements that are effective against air. Use Fire Bolt as a counter to champions and spells that are powered by the element of air.

Each Spellfire Card has been beautifully illustrated by our artists and carefully balanced by the Spellfire game masters.

Own Fire Bolt and earn up to 10x return on investment in passive income, while also watching it grow in value as a rare NFT.

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Spellfire — Bringing 30 years of history to the blockchain. Connecting three realities together — the physical, the digital and the augmented.



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