Building An Empire 🏰

In Spellfire, the player’s goal is to build an empire of realms. This is achieved through creating strong combinations of cards over the course of the game 🎴

Each player’s deck is unique and it is against the rules to have more than one of each card in play at a time. For example, if your opponent plays Suingu the Necromancer, you must wait until he is defeated before you can play your own! ✊

There are 4 types of deck to construct:

👉 25-Card Decks (Introductory)

👉 55-Card Decks (Standard)

👉 75-Card Deck (Favorite)

👉 110-Card Deck (Extraordinary)

Rules are determined by deck size and allow for different quantities of realms, champions, artifacts, spells, and many more! ✨

To learn more about deck building, read our handy guide 👈

What kind of deck will you build first? 🤔

Let us know by joining our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities!



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Spellfire - Re-master the Magic

Spellfire - Re-master the Magic


The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.