Building A Hero Deck 🃏

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2 min readMar 23, 2022

Spellfire is easy to learn, yet has enough depth and complexity to keep veterans of the genre engaged for years to come. Construct elaborate strategies to out-think and out-maneuver all who cross your path and enjoy the game’s endless replayability by building a deck for every occasion.

A selection of Spellfire’s Original NFT cards will be available soon from our brand new marketplace. If you’ve already bought some and are eagerly anticipating building your first deck, you’re probably already thinking about how you could put your cards to use against an opponent!

Unlike other collectible card games, Spellfire cards are never banned or rotated. This ensures that time invested into crafting your decks, increasing your skills, and expanding your collection is never lost.

Spellfire decks can be organized in numerous ways, however, today we’ll focus on building around a specific champion type. There are seven to pick from, Hero, Wizard, Cleric, Psionicist, Regent, Thief, and Monster. Each is easily identifiable by checking the symbol at the top left of each card.

Building a Hero deck is a popular choice as they are quite common cards and possess a wide variety of powers. It’s possible for hero cards to have the spellcasting powers of wizards and clerics in addition to using unarmed combat cards.

Naturally, the focus of a hero deck is attack. Hero cards benefit from allies with high-level bonuses and magical items with strong special powers. Both will be important additions to your deck. It’s important to note that hero cards are often weak to spells, so finding one that is immune to offensive spells is particularly helpful!

The Paladin is a strong starting point. Her ability to use cleric spells and cast psionic powers is incredibly valuable and she can be combined with magical items like the Master Sword for an extra buff to her power level.

Specific combinations of cards can unleash devastating attacks that will leave your opponents in a daze. Use them to create your own unique strategy and rise the ranks to compete against the very best, you will be richly rewarded for your efforts!

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