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2 min readApr 21, 2022


One of the most important aspects of any collectible card game is its art. Spellfire is blessed to count a number of incredibly talented artists among our team. Their work has been essential in bringing our game masters’ vision to life and it’s always a joy to see the next piece they’ve been working on.

The artist behind each Spellfire card is noted along the bottom, so you might be familiar with certain names already.

Some of our favorites include Ieva Batrytė’s Flaming Sword, and Edgaras Guršnys’ Suingu the Necromancer.

So how do our artists illustrate their cards and what inspires their creativity?

The team pulls from their masterful knowledge of technical drawing and pays homage to a classic fantasy art style by adapting it for a 21st-century audience.

For humans and humanoids, wooden mannequins are often used to create dynamic poses and assist with the three-dimensional shape of the body. Live figures are also used and both of these methods allow them to create convincing artworks that tell stories through each character’s body language.

Sometimes inspiration is taken from real people! We’ve got an exclusive collection of celebrity-themed cards coming soon and it starts with elite footballer, Ciro Immobile. Of course, we also wanted to get in on the action, so we created developer cards. We all know Suingu, but there are still several waiting to be discovered! Let us know if you think you’ve found one.

Environments are also incredibly important to Spellfire’s world-building and something notable about our cards is that they are frequently inspired by real-life locations. Holdings and Event cards have been inspired by famous landmarks such as London’s Houses of Parliament, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, and New York’s Statue of Liberty. If you think you know which cards we’re talking about, let us know!

We regularly host Spellfire events and competitions and will continue to do so throughout the development process. Most recently we asked the community to design and submit their own card designs with the winner having their creation turned into an actual NFT card!

If you’d love to have your idea’s worked on by your favorite Spellfire artist, make sure you join our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter communities to avoid missing future events.

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