Places in Spellfire — Ancient Magic Tower

Ancient Magic Tower
Ancient Magic Tower

Wet Deserts are strange lands. Swamps and forests cover the ground, the sun is always shining, but there is something in the air that prophesies evil. Strange things happen all the time, and locals know exactly what places to avoid if you don’t want to get into trouble or see something you ought to never know about.

Somewhere in the middle of the land, at the center of the desert, lies an Ancient Magic Tower, so old that nobody remembers when it was built or what its purpose truly is. The tower stands there lonely through scorching hot days and dewy nights.

People and all magical creatures don’t come near the tower, but clerics and wizards look at it with big eyes, full of fear, resentment, and something else that couldn’t be put into words.

Each place in Spellfire world has its own story, climate conditions, a strange elemental influence that affects citizens or realms.
Choose your place, your world, your city, and synergize with the powers of your champions. You can create your own home in Spellfire. Please send us your idea, and our designers will draw the design and
add it to the Spellfire world.



The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you. You are welcome to apply for citizenship and prepare for the battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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